Liberman, Netanyahu and Erdan at site of terror attack
Liberman, Netanyahu and Erdan at site of terror attackPR photo

The village of Yata, from which the two terrorists who murdered four in Tel Aviv Wednesday came, has been surrounded by IDF checkpoints and no one will be allowed in or out without permission from the IDF.

The work permits for members of the terrorists’ clan have been revoked, as have permits to visit Israel during Ramadan.

The ministers were informed that funds have already been allotted for sealing off the security fence near Meitar-Tarkumiya, and that construction work at the location will begin by late June. The terrorists passed through those gaps in the fence on their way to the attack.

Until work on the fence begins, the IDF presence there will continue to be beefed up.

The Security and Diplomacy Cabinet, the Israeli government’s top forum for strategic decisions, convened Thursday afternoon for a special discussion in Tel Aviv following Wednesday’s quadruple-murder terror attack.

The meeting was being held at the IDF General Staff’s Hakirya base, which is situated just a few hundred feet away from the Sarona compound, where the attack was mounted.

Following the security discussions held by the Prime Minister upon his return from Moscow Wednesday, the security establishment was asked to suggest a series of possible steps against the terror organizations. This is deemed as especially urgent since this is the month of Ramadan, which Muslims see as a preferred time for attacking their enemies.

Numerous concessions that were offered for Ramadan just a few days ago have already been revoked by the security establishment, as per a decision by Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman.

In the meantime, two battalions have been sent to Judea and Samaria to beef up security there.