Site of Tel Aviv shooting attack
Site of Tel Aviv shooting attackMoti Karelitz/Flash 90

Eyewitnesses to Wednesday’s deadly shooting attack in Tel Aviv said the terrorists responsible “slaughtered people”.

"We were inside the Max Brenner restaurant, we sat at the table, suddenly there was someone in front of me and he fired shots," one witness told Channel 2 News.

"We did not know what to do, all the people were screaming and we ran away," she added. "I saw him. He was standing right in front of me, he was wearing black clothing, he was thinly built and holding a gun. He fired shots and people ran away. We fled the restaurant and went inside the marketplace, but people were also running out of there, so we hid in the restaurant."

Another eyewitness said, "We were inside the Max Brenner restaurant and saw the terrorist firing at people until he ran out of bullets. He threw the gun under one of the seats. I tried to help the injured and when I saw the paramedics arrive, I left."

"I was in a taxi on Carlebach Street when I heard the shots," said Ronen, a taxi driver. "I got out of the cab, I heard people shout 'enough', running in all directions hysterically, I also heard an explosion. I saw a terrorist who security forces had on the floor, shot and bound and one more terrorist who was neutralized on the floor. He just slaughtered people, it was crazy, I hope that the Defense Minister will do what is necessary.”

Three people were killed and six were wounded in the attack at the Sarona Market.

One victim is reportedly in critical condition, while two are in serious condition.

The venue of the attack, Sarona, an old Templar village incorporated into Tel Aviv, is a popular tourist destination.