Terror tunnel (file)
Terror tunnel (file) Flash90

Israeli security forces arrested a Hamas terrorist involved in tunnel digging who crossed the border into Israel, it has been cleared for publication.

The 17-year-old member of Hamas's military wing was captured upon entering Israeli territory, in a joint operation involving IDF, Shin Bet and Israel Police forces in May of this year.

Under interrogation it was revealed that the terrorist was a member of Hamas's Brigade in Beit Lahiya, in northern Gaza, and was involved in terror tunnel-digging activities.

The terrorist revealed a wealth of information about Hamas's activities in northern Gaza, including its tunnel digging activities, recruitment methods, training drills and preparations for operations against Israeli forces in northern Gaza.

Among other details, he outlined Hamas's elaborate communications system within the tunnels, and the existence of a number of tunnels reserved for use by Hamas's elite commando forces, known as the "Nahba" - both during any future battle with the IDF inside Gaza, as well as in order to infiltrate into Israeli territory.

His testimony also corroborated that of Hamas terrorists previously detained by Israel, such as Hamas's extensive efforts to build an interconnected tunnel network throughout the entire Gaza Strip - complete with rest and recreation areas - which would enable terrorists to conduct a war against Israel based entirely underground.

The entrance/exit points of the tunnels were mostly located in heavily-populated civilian areas or close to civilian infrastructure, including schools and mosques, in order to use Gaza's civilian population as human shields.

The IDF has recently unearthed a number of Hamas terror tunnels into Israel, in part due to intelligence provided by a number of Gaza based terrorists who were captured and interrogated by security services.

Last month the capture of another young terrorist from northern Gaza was announced, as was that of a veteran operative from Hamas's military wing, who revealed the existence of a sophisticated underground infrastructure in Gaza complete with recreational rooms and even showers.

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