Arabs scale security barrier
Arabs scale security barrier Issam Rimawi/Flash 90

When then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon began construction of the security fence more than a decade ago, he pledged that the barrier, which now separates the Palestinian Authority from Israel, would effectively block infiltrations across the Green Line.

Today, however, bureaucratic finger-pointing and indifference at the political echelon have enabled massive daily breaches of the security fence.

The issue came to light last week, as security officials in Samaria acknowledged the ease with which infiltrators from the Palestinian Authority enter Israel along route 505 near Rosh Haayin, about 10 minutes from Petach Tikva.

A single breach in the security fence near the town of Oranit has turned into a regular crossing point for Arab infiltrators. Security officials admitted that Israeli army and police units catch between dozens and hundreds of Arabs each and every day illegally entering Israel through the breach, though many more are never captured.

Oranit Mayor Shlomi Langer notified the Defense Ministry and the regional commanding officer of the dramatic uptick in illegal crossings to, Shaar HaShomron reported. Yet no progress has been made in repairing the breach in the security barrier, which has been damaged for several years.

When pressed about the need for repairs, army officials said the Crossing Authority, a division of the Defense Ministry, was responsible for maintaining the security barrier.

In the meantime, the breach in the barrier has been augmented by a number of secondary routes means of entry. Ladders, mattresses, and wooden planks used for makeshift bridges over the barrier litter the border area. Due to the ease with which infiltrators now enter Israel, day laborers regularly cross into Israel in the morning for work and return in the evening with little trouble.

Israelis, either employers of the illegal workers or drivers paid to bring infiltrators over the border, regularly assist infiltrators, adding to the wave of unauthorized entries. Security officials noted that last week alone they arrested four Israeli drivers accused of smuggling infiltrators over the border.