Herzog and Yachimovich
Herzog and YachimovichFlash 90

Recent comments by Opposition head Yitzhak Herzog (Zionist Union) and Shelly Yachimovich (Zionist Union) suggest that their party may still join the government coalition.

On Saturday, both politicians said that they would reconsider joining a unity government, should there be any diplomatic initiatives.

MK Herzog presented new conditions to joining. "If Netanyahu kicks the Jewish Home out of the coalition, we will meet as a party and we will consider the issue," he told Shabbatarbut in Modi'in.

"Netanyahu chose to go with the extremists," he added. "It doesn't look like he is breaking up with them. I lead a strong and idealistic group. If he breaks away from the extreme right, we will meet and decide. I am the leader of a group but not a dictator. This party is not made up of a leader and a bunch of scarecrows."

Similarly, MK Yachimovich said, "Should Netanyahu and Liberman bring about a real change, they will have our vote. We will be a conservative opposition. If there is a practical political process, instead of just empty words, the political story can be reopened."

Others in the Zionist Union, though were not pleased with Herzog and Yachimovich's remarks. MK Erel Margalit said, "At this rate, the Labor Party will switch from being an alternative to the Likud to being the alternative to Ale Yarok (the pro-marijuana party), both in its popularity in polls and in its delusions."