Jason Greenblatt
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Since I was named as one of Mr. Trump’s Israel advisors a few weeks ago, people have been sharing amazing insight and emotions with me about Israel. I have had the good fortune of speaking to, meeting with, and hearing from many people around the world, Jewish and non-Jewish, who care deeply about Israel and the people of Israel. Their concern and love for Israel and the citizens of Israel is amazingly strong. They are worried, apprehensive and anxious about Israel, but their love and support for Israel and their passion, enthusiasm and steadfast support for Israel shines through and is tremendous!

Israel is facing very serious challenges today. Terror tunnels, knife attacks, BDS, anti-Israel hate on college campuses, the threat of the hatred inculcated into the hearts and minds of Palestinian children, and more are on all of our minds.

I would like to share an important message with you today.

Over the past few weeks I have had a unique window through which I have been able to witness a tremendous sense of achdut, unity, among Jews of all kinds, as well as from the many, many non-Jews who support Israel. Achdut does not mean that we all see eye to eye and agree on everything. Instead, it means that all of our voices, ideas, dreams and aspirations come together in a way that we can understand one another, by which we can co-exist together, and through which we can support Israel together. Of course we will not agree with one another all the time. That is completely understandable. Nevertheless, we must know how to support one another in our support and love for Israel and the people of Israel. We must advocate for Israel together and we must encourage the people of Israel together, especially in these troublesome times.

We all hope and dream that the people of Israel will be able to live in peace and safety, without the constant worry of terrorism and hate. The differences between the many people who have reached out to me … and there are many… do not stop all of these people from having this incredible love, concern and support for Israel.

This week is Yom Yerushalayim, a day on which we will celebrate the 49th anniversary of the reunification of Israel’s capital. This week Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reminded the world what Jerusalem means to us when he stated that “Israel’s historic ties to the Jerusalem-based Temple Mount and Western Wall sites do not need justifications or apologies and are unbreakable. Our forefathers visited the Temple Mount 3,800 years ago. The two temples of the Jewish people stood on the Temple Mount for one thousand years. King David … made Jerusalem our capital 3,000 years ago. Ever since, the Jewish people have prayed in the direction of the Temple Mount... The Jews’ ongoing affinity with the Temple Mount is a basic fact of history that only ignorant people, either by force or willingly, deny.”

Let us all work together to support Israel and the people of Israel, let us redouble our efforts to fight the hate, and together, arm in arm, let us confront and assist with the challenges that Israel and the people of Israel are facing. Let us do it with one heart, one soul and one mission. Let us set aside our differences, large and small, and come together, in true achdut and love, to support Israel.

I would also like to encourage you to join the Celebrate Israel Day parade on Sunday, June 5th. Even if you have never been to the parade, or if you do not believe in the idea of a parade or if you have other objections, please set aside those objections and understand the goal of the parade and the tremendous show of achdut and support that the parade shows. The people of Israel deserve it, the State of Israel deserves it, and together in achdut, we all deserve it!

Shabbat Shalom and I hope to see you at the parade tomorrow where my children will be marching, and my wife and I will be watching them and the rest of the marchers.

Jason Dov Greenblatt