Medical team with the implant recipient
Medical team with the implant recipient Photo: Hospital spokesperson

Beilinson Hospital’s Department of Organ Transplantation conducted a unique kidney transplant, setting a first in Israel.

Nine years ago, a 55-year-old woman underwent a kidney transplant in the Philippines. Last week, the woman died of a stroke and the kidney was implanted for a second time into a new recipient – her brother.

Professor Eytan Mor, director of the department, explained the surgical challenge: “[We are] dealing with a multi-regional blood vessel that may be scarred.”

“Despite initial tests, we can only tell if it is possible to connect the kidney to the new recipient’s blood vessels by opening up their stomach. Since the kidney was in excellent condition, we decided to allow a second kidney transplant,” he said.

“Today, due to the combination of skilled physicians, the surgical means available to us and ‘thinking outside the box’ – there are many ways to overcome the lack of organs for transplants in Israel.”

“This case is extra exciting because this time a kidney was transplanted twice – the kidney of the deceased was transplanted into her brother’s body due to the same congenial kidney disease,” said Mor.

Professor Mor clarified how this is only the fifth time such a procedure was ever conducted around the world, and the first time it occurred between family members.

“Thankfully, the surgery was successful and the patient's condition has improved,” said Dr. Eran Halperin, Director of the Hospital.

“I am proud of the medical staff of the Department of Transplantation who were undeterred by this challenge. This was a very courageous process which could only have been achieved by an experienced and dedicated team,” Halperin concluded.

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