An American Palestinian Arab activist made bold statements against the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the watchdog revealed this week, claiming that MEMRI is part of a 'Zionist plot.' 

"As part of the Zionist movement's cultural infiltration (into American society), it has managed to convince a large part of American public opinion that the two countries share the circumstances of their establishment," Osama Abu Irshaid, the national director of the Chicago-based American Muslims for Palestine organization, stated in a May 18 broadcast on Al-Jazeera. "In fact, there is some truth to it. (In both countries), it was a process of ethnic cleansing."

Abu Irshaid noted the racist term 'American Indian,' and noted both Americans and Jews say they 'discovered' their lands uninhabited before establishing their respective countries. 

"(The Zionists) managed to convince the (Americans) of the following: 'We came to two undeveloped countries, and managed to establish two successful states.'," he said. "This is one aspect of infiltrating American consciousness."

Abu Irshaid then discussed MEMRI. 

"The cultural infiltration also includes the Zionist influence in the media," he said. "They have a significant impact on the media, as well as on Hollywood. They have managed to endear Israeli and the Jews upon American public opinion."

"American public opinion is sensitive to the issue of discrimination, but unfortunately, our rhetoric is mostly emotional, and does not focus on the facts. They use MEMRI, which is a channel or a website, specializing in picking out our 'flops' – when someone curses the Jews, for example – and it delivers them directly to the American media. Meanwhile, they rule that it is permissible to kill Palestinian children, because they are the descendants of Amalek, and none of us says anything."