Car accident (illustrative)
Car accident (illustrative)Flash 90

126 Israelis have been killed in road accidents in 2016, data released Monday reveals - the third increase in road fatalities in three years. 

Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) data proved that human error is not the sole factor in the accidents, with 40% of drivers involved in road incidents not having committed road offenses.

Bituach Leumi (National Insurance Institute) has paid 2.8 billion shekel ($722 million) to victims of road accidents over the past nine years, the data added. 357 died in road accidents in 2015. 

Data on electric bicycles has also been published for the first time Monday - with 1,200 people injured so far in accidents from the contraption; one killed; and 60 seriously injured. Regulations earlier this month raised the minimum age for electric bicycles from 14 to 16, and is expected to help lower the accident rate. 

Knesset Economy Committee chairman MK Eitan Cabel (Zionist Union) promised to monitor accident data closely during the Knesset summer session. 

"With great regret I say that the data exposed by CBS are not surprising," Cabel admitted to Army Radio. "I clearly needed a wake-up call, so that we can enforce the law and educate about the risks [of electric bikes - ed.]."