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Tel Aviv at night (file)Shutterstock

The majority of Israelis are satisfied with the region in which they live, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics 2014 Social Survey which was published on Thursday.

83% of the population are generally satisfied with their residential living area; however, only 56% are satisfied with the degree of cleanliness in their regional are. Moreover, 74% of the population believe that will continue to live in the same area in 5 years’ time.

About two-thirds (66%) of the population think that the other people in their area can affect the improved quality of life in the region, ranging from 53% in Haifa, 74% in Tel Aviv and 75% in Petah Tikva.

26% of men and women alike actually worked to improve conditions in their area in the past year. With that, 27% were Jewish and 18% were Arabs, while 34% held an academic degree and 22% did not have a formal higher education.

Over half (53%) of respondents said that if they were to lose their wallet which had their identification information inside, they believed their fellow resident would do the proper thing and return the wallet with nothing missing from inside it.

One-third (33%) reported that their area has teenagers roaming the streets, 18% reported that drunk or violent people roam in public places and 19% reported on local vandalism and destruction, including damage to both public and private property.

5% reported of threats of attacks against them due to their skin color, religion or ethnicity.