Isaac Herzog and Shelly Yachimovich
Isaac Herzog and Shelly YachimovichFlash90

MK Shelly Yachimovich hit back at Zionist Union chief Isaac Herzog following a series of comments he made about the former Labor Party leader during a press conference on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters after the party suspended coalition talks with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Herzog lambasted his foes within the Zionist Union who had derided him for his efforts to join the government.

“She begged to get a ministerial position in the government,” Herzog said of Yachimovich, a long-time rival. Herzog also maligned Yachimovich for her frequent use of social media and ties with the far-left, calling her the “brutal president of Facebook.”  

Yachimovich quickly responded to Herzog’s comments, calling him a liar and calling for his replacement as head of the Zionist Union party.

“We saw the man who rolled out the red carpet for Liberman [to join the coalition] demonstrate absolutely zero responsibility [for what he did]. And this list of fictitious achievements, which Netanyahu refused to put into writing, is a joke. Herzog brazenly lied to us.”

Other Zionist Union MKs called for Herzog’s resignation.

“Anyone who was willing to crawl pathetically into the worst government in Israeli history needs to put the keys on the table and go home,” said MK Stav Shaffir.

Mickey Rosenthal made similar comments, demanding that Herzog quit as party chief.

“In light of the disgrace he has brought upon the party and its values, and given his failed leadership, Buji [Herzog] needs to give back the keys and resign from his position immediately.”