. Gaza belt.Israeli home damaged by Gaza rocket
. Gaza belt.Israeli home damaged by Gaza rocketFlash90

Gaza Belt community residents received evacuation instructions Tuesday, Channel 2 reports, in light of increasing tensions with Hamas along the border. 

Emergency crews associated with the Defense Ministry authored a message to residents stating that "in a state of emergency, we will evacuate the entire community as warranted, except for emergency crews." Each community was also given instructions on their evacuation destination. 

The evacuation itself would be executed by a combination of private vehicles and buses provided by the Eshkol Regional Council, which would pick up evacuees at protected bus stations. Each resident would be required to report that they had left the community. 

"Residents are instructed to lock doors, close windows and blinds, and to prepare ahead of time a suitcase with clothing," they said. "Take your firearms, your animals, your prescriptions, and your food with you, shut off the gas, and take with you a list of important and emergency phone numbers." 

The Gaza Belt was hit hardest by Hamas rocket and mortar fire during Operation Protective Edge, sparking thousands to flee their homes. 

At the height of the 2014 war, up to 80% of Gaza Belt community families had fled inland due to the ongoing barrage, sparking concerns over the region's future. 

Last May, the IDF revealed it had formed a "Safe Distance" plan to evacuate the region in the event of another conflict to streamline the process and save lives.

The program would not only definitively set the date of evacuation, but also coordinate efforts between the IDF, government ministries, and local and regional councils to handle the evacuation efforts.