Shanghai, China (illustration)
Shanghai, China (illustration)Liron Almog/Flash 90

A bus company in Zhengzhou, China introduced a new female-only bus service. The company announced that the bus line will operate throughout the summer during morning and evening rush hours.

The service is aimed at protecting women from being harassed when wearing lighter clothing, and also to help breastfeeding mothers feel more comfortable.

"During the summer, women usually wear thinner clothes, making it easier for them to be harassed in crowded buses. …The all-female service will increase their convenience and safety," said the firm's chairman, according to local reports.

Female-only train and metro carriages have been introduced in many Asian countries. Japan has long had female-only train carriages at certain hours, and many other countries, including India and Malaysia, offer similar services.

Nevertheless, it is a relatively new concept in China and was met with mixed reactions, especially from men feeling they are being discriminated against.

However, the Zhengzhou bus company promised that male commuters will not suffer as a result of the new service because each female-only bus will be followed by one that both genders can board.