Jewish-Muslim relations are often fraught, with the two communities largely falling on opposite sides of support for the Arab-Israeli conflict, and with many Muslim communities harboring worrying levels of anti-Semitic sentiment.

Three YouTube personalities from New York decided to put that perception to the test with an unusual social experiment to find out what happens when a conspicuously Jewish-Muslim couple walks hand-in-hand through the streets of the city.

Karim Metwaly teamed up with Alaaldeen Shehadeh and Moe Zahrieh for a video that has garnered nearly 1.3 million views.

Last month, Shehadeh and Zahrieh made a similar video, but this time their video depicted two couples walking in the streets of a predominantly Jewish area and a predominantly Arab/Muslim neighborhood.

One couple had the man dressed as a hassidic Jew walking with a woman who looks like a religious Muslim. The second couple, had the man dressed in traditional Muslim look and walked with a woman who looks Orthodox Jewish.

While most of the footage depicts local residents who are angered by the couples, the video concludes with positive reactions.