Grave of Reuven, son of Ya'akov
Grave of Reuven, son of Ya'akovYaakov Naumi/Flash 90

Every week hundreds of Jews go to pray at the grave of Reuven the son of the Jewish patriarch Ya'akov (Jacob) at Palmachim Beach, but there is a serious debate as to whether the site is actually where the Biblical figure is buried.

Rabbi Benzion Mutzafi, a leading haredi Sephardic rabbi, spoke about the matter this week, reports Kikar Hashabbat on Thursday.

According to Rabbi Mutzafi, there is no confirmed source behind assertions that the site is actually the grave of Reuven, and therefore it is highly likely the Biblical figure who was one of Ya'akov's 12 sons is not buried there.

One of Rabbi Mutzafi's students asked him if there were sources supporting that Reuven's grave is actually the site at Palmachim.

"There is no confirmed source," the rabbi replied succinctly.