Site of attack near Hizme
Site of attack near Hizme Binyamin Regional Council

The condition of the IDF officer, who was seriously wounded in a bomb explosion on Tuesday evening at the entrance to the village of Hizme, north of Jerusalem, is improving.

The officer is being treated in the ICU at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem, and, as of Thursday evening, is listed in moderate and stable condition. The hospital said he is fully conscious and recovering following surgery.

Tuesday’s attack occurred when the officer spotted suspicious objects during a patrol on the road leading to the village of Hizme, and one of them exploded. A subsequent investigation revealed that the suspicious objects were pipe bombs that were placed by terrorists on the road.

Palestinian media reported that after the attack, security forces raided shops and houses in the village close to the site of the blast, and confiscated tapes from security cameras in order to apprehend the terrorists who planted the pipe bombs.

The attack on Tuesday evening was the second terrorist attack in one day, coming hours after two elderly women were stabbed by Arab terrorists in Jerusalem.