Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton
Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton Reuters

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are neck and neck in the key states of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida, a new Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday found.

In Florida and in Pennsylvania, Clinton is at 43 percent while Trump is 42 percent. Among Ohio voters, Trump gets 41 percent and Clinton gets 39 percent, the poll found, according to an ABC News report.

In Pennsylvania, however, in a matchup between Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Trump, Sanders beats Trump 47 to 41 percent.

Worth noting is that the gender and racial gaps in each state are wide. In all three states, Trump leads among men and white voters, while Clinton leads among women and nonwhite voters. For example, in Ohio, Clinton gets 76 percent of nonwhite voters, while Trump garners 14 percent. Among white voters, 49 percent prefer Trump, while 32 percent prefer Clinton.

The poll also found that voters in all three states believe Trump would do a better job than Clinton in handling the economy.

Florida and Ohio voters think Trump would handle terrorism better than Clinton, while voters in Pennsylvania are split on the issue.

While Clinton has yet to win the official Democratic nomination, Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee after his opponents Ted Cruz and John Kasich both stepped down following the billionaire’s victory in the Indiana primary.

But Clinton has already begun to directly attack Trump as she prepares for the presidential campaign, warning last week that he is a “loose cannon” and saying the United States should not take a risk on an unreliable candidate.