John Kerry (file)
John Kerry (file)Reuters

US Secretary of State John Kerry waffled over whether the US would attend a conference May 30 in Paris to force talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) Monday, shortly before a meeting with French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault.

"Well, it depends on timing and when we do it," he began. "We’re going to talk about that.  It’s one of the things we’ll chat about."

Kerry added that the US remains "supportive of efforts to try to kick start the process" 

"We all understand the gravity of the situation in the region, and we’re very much cooperative in all of our efforts to try to make positive things happen," he added. 

Washington has yet to make a clear commitment about the conference, which would see Paris direct talks after years of US failures to mediate a peace deal. 

Israel Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon noted earlier this month that Israel "is not invited" to the conference, but that ultimately the stubborn party has been Ramallah - and that the US is, in fact, exasperated from mediating peace talks.