Father Naddaf
Father Naddaf Hadas Parush,  Flash 90

Gabriel Naddaf, an Israeli Greek Orthodox priest, has responded to recent accusations against him, which arose after he was chosen to light a torch for Independence Day.

"As the torch-lighting ceremony approaches, my enemies are crossing the lines of decency, and increasing their libels and horror stories about me," he said.

"This is a soldier who was convicted and served time in prison for throwing an IDF grenade during a civilian dispute, and they are trying to use this absurd testimony to darken my name?" he added. "It won't do them any good; I won't be dissuaded and I will continue working to encourage Christian soldiers to join the IDF."

Father Naddaf explained that he underwent polygraph tests twice. "I denied any harassment and left, being truthful of course."

On Monday night, police announced that they will open an investigation into Arab youths' complaints against Father Naddaf, which came after a Channel 2 investigation uncovered correspondence between the priest and youths on Facebook. The messages reportedly contain sexual innuendos.

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