Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone was recently suspended from the Labour Party for comments he made linking Adolf Hitler to Zionism, and suggesting the Nazi leader hadn't been so bad until he "went mad."

But the controversy over those statements - at a time when Labour is struggling with a wider anti-Semitism scandal - doesn't seem to have deterred him from making still more controversial remarks.

In a recent interview with a London-based Arabic-language TV station, Livingstone asserted that the "establishment of the State of Israel was fundamentally wrong," and repeated his Hitler claim again - this time claiming that Hitler merely "wanted to deport all the Zionists" to Israel.

Speaking to the Ghad Al-Arabi station, Livingstone suggested the world should level sanctions against Israel, and declared he personally boycotts all Israeli goods.

He also claimed Jewish communities in Arab countries never suffered any discrimination or attack until the foundation of the State of Israel, when they were all suddenly "deported" - by whom, he didn't elaborate - ignoring the countless massacres and legacies of persecutions faced by Jews in Arab and Muslim lands well before Israel was founded.

Some one million Mizrahi Jews were expelled or driven from Arab states in a campaign of ethnic-cleansing during the early and mid twentieth century.

In the interview, seen above, Livingstone also appeared to justify ISIS and Al Qaeda attacks against Western targets, suggesting the jihadists didn't slaughter people "because they like killing," but rather because "they feel that they are the victims of injustice."

The remarks will likely increase pressure on Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn - a close friend and political ally of Livingstone - to expel him from the party.

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