Egged bus (illustration)
Egged bus (illustration)Photo: Meir Salah

Like every year, as the Israeli Remembrance Days approach, Dana wears Star of David earrings she received during her journey to Poland, and dons a traditional white shirt and blue jeans.

This year, she went a step further and painted her nails blue and white. "I am a Zionist, what can I say? I love my country, these days are important to me," she said according to reports.

However, Dana was astounded that of all days, on Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) on Thursday she was shamed for her Jewish and Zionist identity.

While preparing to board the Egged bus for work, the driver told her that she cannot enter his bus because she is covered with “too many Stars of David" and is “attracting fire.”

When another passenger asked the driver, “Don’t you think you’re exaggerating?,” the driver replied that the passenger can join the woman and get off the bus too.

When Dana asked the driver for his information details, the driver shut the door on her and drove off.

A statement from Egged claimed that this is “a very severe case, which deserves appropriate condemnation. Serious efforts are being made to locate the driver involved in the event and to bring him before Egged's Control Commission, the committee that takes care of the most serious cases."

“As details become clearer, necessary disciplinary measures will be taken against the driver. As of now we questioned a number of drivers and contacted the complainant in order to solve this case as fast as possible, to express the deep shock we felt after hearing details of the incident and promise that this case will not be ignored."