IAF airstrike on Gaza (archive)
IAF airstrike on Gaza (archive) Flash 90

The IDF overnight Wednesday launched airstrikes against four terrorist targets belonging to Hamas in northern Gaza, the IDF Spokesperson said.

According to the statement, the attacks came in response to the ongoing mortar attacks against IDF forces engaged in operations near the border fence.

The statement stressed that the IDF views any acts of terrorism, whether from underground tunnels or from the ground, as a violation of Israeli sovereignty and added that it “considers the Hamas terrorist organization solely responsible for these terrorist acts. The IDF will continue to act with determination and to the extent required to destroy all underground tunneling.”

Tensions have risen along the Gaza border over the last two days, as terrorist forces on the Gazan side fired a total of six mortar shells into Israel, with five attacks on Wednesday alone.

Earlier on Wednesday, Israel launched air raids on Gaza, with strikes hitting around Gaza's derelict international airport near the city of Rafah and in nearby farming areas.

But several hours before Wednesday night’s attacks in Gaza, Hamas claimed that it had reached understandings with Israel on renewing the calm in the area.

One of the leaders of the organization said that in return, Israel had undertaken upon itself not to conduct operations inside Gaza.

It was subsequently reported in Palestinian media that the IDF had begun to withdraw from Gaza following the agreement, which was reportedly mediated by Egypt.