ISA chief Yoram Cohen
ISA chief Yoram CohenMiriam Alster/Flash90

Outgoing chief of the Israel Security Agency (ISA) Yoram Cohen, estimated at a security briefing Wednesday that Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is working to calm the wave of terror to Israel.

"Abu Mazen [Abbas - ed.] gave orders to the security system to prevent attacks," Cohen insisted. "He realizes that the incitement does not help him." 

"The PA helps us in many things," he continued. "When they get information, they act on it." 

Cohen also insisted that despite the IDF withdrawing from Area A, the IDF is still making most of the arrests in terror cases - "not 50-50, but 60-40." 

Cohen, who has made similar statements before, concluded a 5-year service with the Shin Bet Wednesday, and received a statement of gratitude from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for his work. 

"Yoram was an outstanding commander - determined, focused, and effective," Netanyahu began. "He led focused missions to prevent terrorism, gather intelligence, perform counterintelligence and counterterrorism; under his leadership, he saved the lives of many Israelis." 

"Yoram greatly promoted and developed the Shin Bet, which included these capabilities and has given rise to new areas such as cyber protection," he added. "I can attest, from countless meetings, that he has always been down to earth, practical, and has a deep commitment to his country and his people." 

"I want to salute him for his Distinguished Service to the State of Israel; I thank him on behalf of the Israeli government ministers and Israel's citizens."