Lawsuit (illustrative)
Lawsuit (illustrative) Thinkstock

A security guard working for the Jerusalem Light Rail is suing Channel 10 for one million shekels ($270 million) for breaching a confidentiality agreement and revealing his identity as the security guard who shot and neutralized a terrorist.

On March 6, 2015, terrorist Mohammed Salaimeh ran over five people, including border patrol officers and a bicyclist, then exited his vehicle while holding an axe in his hand, at which point an officer and the security guard fired at him, wounding the terrorist. 

According to the Israeli Law Database, Takdin, the defendant of Druze descent claims he agreed to help Channel 10 cover the story so long as they promised to conceal his name and identity.

Much to his astonishment, his full identity was reveled during their news broadcast.

The defendant claims the channel blatantly violated the rules of professional ethics of journalism as well as his privacy, which resulted in him becoming a target for death threats, slurs and incitement on the part of Arabs who consider him a traitor.

The plaintiff argues that Channel 10 must bear full responsibility for the damages to his freedom, dignity and occupation as a result of their negligence.

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