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Donald Trump Reuters

Speaking at the Center for the National Interest, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump laid out his vision for American foreign policy on Wednesday, attacking the Obama administration for a whole host of issues, including the president’s treatment of Israel and the controversial Iran nuclear deal.

After dominating all five of Tuesday’s east coast primary votes, Trump gave his most comprehensive foreign policy speech since his presidential bid began last summer. The appearance came just hours ahead of a "major announcement" by Ted Cruz scheduled for 4 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time.

Echoing past comments, Trump claimed that America’s allies needed to share more of the burden in global affairs, arguing that "our allies are not paying their fair share."

Trump condemned President Obama’s handling of foreign policy, saying that he had empowered hostile states like Iran, while turning away trusted American allies.

"We have a president who dislikes our friends and bows to our enemies."

The Manhattan real estate mogul criticized last year’s Iran nuclear deal and pledged emphatically to prevent Iran from acquiring an atomic weapon.

"Iran cannot be allowed to have a nuclear weapon - cannot be allowed - remember that - cannot be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. Under a Trump administration, it will never, ever be allowed to have that nuclear weapon."

Turning to Israel, Trump blasted the Obama White House for alienating America’s strongest ally in the Middle East.

"Your friends need to know that you will stick by the agreements that you have with them. You've made that agreement, you have to stand by it. And the world will be a better place."

“Israel our great friend, and the one true democracy in the Middle East, has been snubbed and criticized by an administration that lacks moral clarity.”

Trump cited as an example Vice President Joseph Biden’s recent comments at a J Street gala criticizing Israeli policy.

“Just a few days ago, Vice President Biden again criticized Israel - a force for justice and peace - for acting as an impatient peace area in the region.”

“President Obama has not been a friend to Israel. He's treated Iran with tender love and care and made it a great power. Iran has indeed become a great, great power in just a very short period of time because of what we've done. All of the expense - and at the expense of Israel, our allies in the region, and most important, the US itself."

The GOP frontrunner promised to repair relations with allies like Israel, and to become more aggressive in confronting the ISIS terror group.

"To our friends and allies, America is going to strong again. American is going to be reliable again.”

"ISIS will be gone very, very quickly."