Evidence (illustration)
Evidence (illustration)Photo: iStockPhoto

Givatayim Police officers and commanders returned from vacation in Eilat last month to discover that 27 open investigations, including evidence, had gone missing.

According to reports, a detective at the station discovered the files went missing and reported it to the station’s Chief Superintendent Miri Peled.

All 27 cases were open cases dealing with a variety of offenses ranging from domestic violence to disputes between neighbors and noise complaints.

After the incident was reported to Tel Aviv District officials, the police established a special team to examine the incident, led by a Tel Aviv District Officer.

The investigation team thus far revealed that even though the disappearance of the files was discovered after the station returned from vacation, it is uncertain that the files actually disappeared while they were away and not before.

The disappearance of the cases could lead to the closure of some of them, due to their loss of material evidence.