MH-17 wreckage
MH-17 wreckageReuters

Malaysia Airlines flight 17 may have been shot down by another plane - not by an air-to-ground missile, according to a new BBC documentary. 

Seven of 100 witnesses interviews by German investigative journalist Billy Six said they saw or heard a fighter plane just before the Boeing-777 plummeted out of the sky. 

All allege that two fighter jets took down the doomed plane - one with an air-to-air missile, and one with a canon. 

Another theory featured in the program, from private investigator Sergey Sokolov, alleges that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) placed two bombs on the airliner, as a means of manipulating the Ukraine-Russia conflict to suit US interests, MailOnline reports.

MH17 was shot down over war-torn eastern Ukraine in July 2014, killing all 298 people on board after it plummeted from 33,000 feet.

Speculation over the flight lingers due to the unfortunate disappearance of MH370 months before over the Indian Ocean -- and also due to an apparent lack of resources or concern over the wreck by authorities, as locals near the crash site have told British news outlets that the wreckage has been left for looters and decay since the crash.