Haredi Jews walk close to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Haredi Jews walk close to the Temple Mount in JerusalemGarrett Mills/Flash 90

The Jordanian government warned on Monday that there would be “dangerous consequences” should Israel continue to allow Jews to ascend to the Temple Mount.

The announcement came after several hundred Jews and tourists visited the holy site on the first intermediate day of the Passover holiday on Sunday.

Jordanian Minister for Media Affairs and government spokesperson Mohammad Al-Momani has described "the invasion of settler groups and Israeli occupying forces in the Al-Aqsa mosque” as a “violation of international laws and conventions.”

Al-Momani demanded that the Israeli authorities immediately stop the visits and prevent the entry of Jews and Israeli security forces to the compound.

On Sunday, 13 Jews and one Arab were distanced from the Mount after “disturbing the public order” according to police reports.