Weapons cache
Weapons cacheIDF Spokesperson/Flash90

With the supply of imported firearms dwindling in the Palestinian Authority, terrorists are increasingly turning to locally produced weapons, which can be acquired for a fraction of the price.

A genuine M-16 assault rifle, for instance, can cost as much as $18,000 on the Palestinian Authority black market, a figure prohibitively expensive for small terror cells and lone-wolf terrorists who have fueled much of the recent violence. Locally produced firearms, however, are available for as little as $500, giving even self-funded terrorists access to guns.

As the terror wave drags on, the number of weapons factories in Judea and Samaria has surged, forcing Israeli security forces to become more aggressive in the pursuit of these pirate gun manufacturers.

Israeli security forces operating overnight in the Arab town of Abu Dis just east of Jerusalem uncovered one such factory. The facility was reportedly used to produce firearms, ammunition, and explosive devices.

Police arrested one suspect at the factory after revealing gun lathes, pipe-bombs, and raw material for producing ammunition and explosives.