Koran (Illustration)
Koran (Illustration) Flash 90

A Kuwait University professor is being charged with "blasphemy," The New Arab news site reports Friday, for stating that the Kuwaiti constitution holds legal dominance over the Koran. 

"Anyone who believes the Koran or sharia [Islamic law] or any interpretation of these religious texts are above the constitution is betraying the state of Kuwait," Sheikha al-Jassem stated, in an al-Shahed interview in March. 

"A citizen who thinks like that poses a danger to the state," she added. "His loyalties do not lie with Kuwait."

"You cannot compare the two [the constitution and the Koran], none are superior over the other," she qualified. "Each has its own place." 

The comments ignited a storm on social media, with both Saudis and Kuwaitis calling for her ouster and making other threats. 

While al-Jassem says she is "used to it," she may face a one-year prison sentence under Kuwaiti law if convicted. 

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