Knife (illustration)
Knife (illustration) Credit: Israel Police

In 2015, a 12-year-old female terrorist set out, knife in hand, to murder Jews in the Gush Etzion town of Carmei Tzur, near the site where three Israeli youths were kidnapped and murdered by Hamas terrorists in 2014.

Local security forces captured the young terrorist on the outskirts of town before she was able to carry out her planned attack.

She was tried and convicted of attempted murder and possession of a deadly weapon. Due to her age, the terrorist was sentenced to just half a year in prison despite the severity of her crimes.

Her sentence was later reduced by a month and a half. Now, all that stands between her and an early release is an 8,000 shekel fine ($2,130).

If her family pays the fine, the 12-year-old terrorist will be set free in two weeks.

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