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The Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court on Monday afternoon cleared for publication several limited details on the accusations against several right-wing activists, who were arrested last week and this week.

Three were arrested last Monday, and two more were arrested last night including an IDF soldier

The five were arrested on suspicions that they were going to commit acts against Palestinian Arabs, according to the details released by the court.

Two of them, aged 16 and 17, as well as a third minor are suspected of committing "security crimes" against Palestinians, although "it is not possible to detail the essence of the crimes at this stage," according to the statement.

An additional youth was arrested on suspicions of setting the car of a Palestinian Arab on fire, and he likewise is suspected of being connected to a crime and being a member of an "illegal association."

Another suspect was arrested on suspicions of security crimes that "cannot be detailed."

The nationalist activists are to remain under arrest, some of them until next Monday and others until next Thursday. All details of the investigation remain under a media gag order.

Earlier on Monday Arutz Sheva spoke with Attorney Aharon Roza, who represents the suspects. He noted that the courts have consented to the unusual police request to ban his clients from receiving legal consultation, in what he termed "a tragedy for democracy."

Roza protested how "in nearly every investigation that has even a shade of security (interests to it), the equation is to prevent a meeting between the lawyer and his client, and that's a tragedy for democracy, and it doesn't matter who the client is."

He also noted that "the worst is that the motive won't be checked afterwards by any source, because these are classified documents that remain with those who drew them up and the court."

"Up until now in all the recent cases the court never intervened in the prevention of meeting" with a lawyer, he added, noting the free hand given to the police.