Illegal weapons cache
Illegal weapons cachePolice Spokesperson Unit

Hundreds of Israeli police officers and Border Police raided dozens of homes across the Israeli Arab towns of Taibe and Tira Monday morning in a massive operation targeting illegal weapons dealers and the gun smugglers who supply them.

With the aid of tracking dogs, police uncovered massive arms caches stashed in the homes of suspected dealers in the two Arab towns.

The operation, which is the culmination of months of investigations, unearthed large collections of weapons including M-16 and AK-47 assault rifles, submachine guns, hand-pistols, and large stores of ammunition.

Police arrested 27 suspects during the raid.

It is believed that the dealers arrested in the operation acquired at least some of their weapons from smugglers trafficking guns from Samaria across the Green Line.

According to investigators there is evidence of more than 200 illegal weapons sales by the suspects, who often employed code names for their merchandise.