Luxury car (file)
Luxury car (file) צילום: פלאשSerge Attal/Flash90

The Ministry of Finance published tenders for armored cars for government ministers and state officials Monday, as part of administrative work providing an economic, technical, and professional breakdown of the ministry's activities. 

The cost of armored cars for the ministers is capped at 250,000 shekels ($66,000), the report noted.

Each armored car issued is customized to meed the needs of its recipient, it said, including frequency of use, political climate, and threat level; the report also took into account technological changes over the years which have required engine and fuel updates and other tinkering. 

Each car is under a two-year lease, with the possibility to renew. 

About 40 vehicles are expected to be purchased in the near future, to replace older vehicles and meet demand. 

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