Eitan Broshi
Eitan Broshi Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

MK Eitan Broshi (Zionist Union) has commented on recent statements made by his fellow party members.

"The Labor-Zionist Union party is the movement that created the State of Israel and it represents an alternative to the government. It is a movement whose basic values include security; a Jewish, Zionist and democratic state; a prosperous society; education and culture for everyone; prioritizing communities in the periphery; peace and equality.

"IDF soldiers are our own flesh and blood, and are sent to risk their lives in order to protect each and every one of us. We cannot have a semantic debate about what constitutes terror as though our soldiers are open targets. The party's identity as Zionist has not changed and will never change. Every member is committed to these values," he said.

"Extreme and unnecessary remarks reinforce the false image of the Zionist Union among a significant portion of the public by making it seem more to the left than its true place, near the center of the political map. These same members also mislead the public and cause serious damage to the party."

Moving on, he spoke about criticism of the party's leadership. "Herzog is the correct and fitting leader to guide the party at this time. There is no reason to hold internal elections yet. We are not properly organizing and appealing to new audiences. It's correct that the party is not active and not prepared. We must immediately change and improve this. Should Herzog's investigation develop into an investigation into the party, we would only have a limited amount of time to prevent a vacuum in the party's leadership and actions."

MK Broshi commented on the political situation and a unity government. "It is imperative now to take up the values on which the country was founded. Security remains the central issue, without which there will be no agreement. When dealing with extremists like Bennett and Smotrich, and their vision of creating a state from the sea to the river, the Zionist Union is an alternative, together with all of the Zionist and democratic parties, that can set up an appropriate and sane alternative.

"Israel needs to make big decisions, the likes of which have not been seen for years. In order to do so, we must seriously consider a broad government to push for historic moves that would rescue Israeli citizens from the current situation of lack of security and economic crisis. We cannot continue being led by extremist officials who hurt all of us."