Zionist Union party
Zionist Union party Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The Zionist Union party on Thursday issued an official statement distancing itself from the comments of its MK Zuhair Bahloul, who earlier in the day reiterated his claims that the Arab terrorist who two weeks ago stabbed a soldier in Hevron was not a "terrorist."

In the attack the terrorist together with an accomplice moderately wounded a soldier before being shot. While lying wounded on the ground the terrorist was shot dead by a soldier currently on trial for manslaughter; the soldier argues he fired over concerns the terrorist was moving to detonate a hidden bomb belt.

In the Zionist Union statement published on Thursday afternoon, the party began by saying, "we are in the midst of a wave of terror and the government of Israel should start to act against it efficiently."

"The terrorist in Hevron is like any terrorist," clarified the statement. "Knesset member Bahloul's comments do not reveal or represent the position of the Zionist Union."

Bahloul earlier on Thursday told Army Radio, "I agreed that one who destroys the lives of a whole family is a terrorist," while saying those attacking soldiers or military centers are not terrorists but rather "struggle for freedom."

He said that the word terrorist "is becoming too all-inclusive and turns every Palestinian into a terrorist."

Bahloul just last May stated that Labor is not a Zionist party, emphasizing that "Zionist Union" was just a "temporary" name. At the time he added, "I cannot be Zionist because I am an Arab."

The MK also provided testimony on behalf of the family of an Arab citizen of Israel from the Galilee convicted of terrorism in a 2012 trial. While he did not praise the terror acts of Milad Khatib, he did not condemn them either, and gave the testimony in the context of a positive character recommendation for the terrorist's family on behalf of the defense.