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Three Jewish youths were arrested last night by the Police Nationalistic Crimes Division and Shin Bet security services, in connection to unspecified nationalistic crimes.

The trio are being interrogated by the Shin Bet security service, and have still not been granted access to their lawyers.

The suspects appeared before Rishon Letzion District Court Tuesday afternoon, where police requested an extension of their detention by 10 days.

Judge Avraham Hayman agreed to extend their remand to give police more time for questioning, but only by six days.

The court imposed a gag order over the case, including what charges the suspects are being accused of. 

Attorney Aharon Rozen of the Honenu legal rights group said that due to the gag order he could not disclose many details, but insisted that the charges "do not justify an order against meeting" their attorneys.

"We are talking about charges that are not new, and do not include any harm to human life," he added, and said he intends to appeal against the order.

The arrests bear echoes of a similar wave of arrests several months ago, as part of the investigation into the deadly Duma arson and an alleged "Jewish terror" network. A number of young Jewish activists were detained for prolonged periods of time and interrogated harshly, but most of those suspects were eventually released after it was revealed they were not connected to any such crimes.