Blackout (illustration)
Blackout (illustration) Abed Rahim Khatib /Flash90

Just days after Israel dimmed the lights on Jericho, the Israel Electric Company (IEC) has pledged to continue partial cuts in the power supply to Palestinian Authority (PA) cities, the Associated Press reports.

Arabs living under the PA and in parts of eastern Jerusalem receive their electricity from Israel, but via the PA and Jerusalem District Electricity Company, which sell electricity produced by Israel.

The Palestinian Authority and JDECO, however, have fallen into heavy debt, with more than 1.7 billion shekels ($450 million) owed to the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) in unpaid electric bills.

With the PA and JDECO refusing for years to address the unpaid bills, the IEC has begun a series of power cuts across the Palestinian Authority.

Last week’s 50% reduction in power supplied to Jericho was apparently only the first of a number of planned partial blackouts for PA cities.

On Monday the IEC said it was cutting Bethlehem’s electric supply in half. Other cities across the PA would face similar power cuts over the next two weeks, according to the IEC.