Mourning in Brussels after the attack
Mourning in Brussels after the attack Reuters

Mofiq Matar, a journalist for the PA daily al-Hayat al-Jadida, claims that Israel was behind the attacks in Paris and Brussels. Though ISIS claimed responsibility for both, Matar argues that the terror organization does not have the means to carry out such strikes.

Matar is convinced that Israel infiltrated ISIS and that the jihadist group is now effectively just a cover for Israel's actions. His article, which was translated by MEMRI, says that the attacks were meant as revenge for Europe opposing with Israel's policies, including labeling products from Judea and Samaria, and the French threat to recognize a Palestinian state.

His article contained the following explanation:

"Within the next quarter century, the French president will say who it was that really struck in the heart of Europe using ISIS's weapons and tools. When you look at the situation and the course of events from both inside and out, you understand that there are no coincidences. The terror attacks in the European Union capital are not only in response to the arrest of the mastermind of the terror attack in Paris Salah Abdeslam, but rather they were the best opportunity for those really responsible. who set the heart of Europe as their target while hiding behind the slogans of ISIS.

I don't want to point fingers, but how did ISIS carry out the crimes and massacres in France and Brussels at the same time as the EU's first attempt to get away from the Israeli guilt complex for its persecution of European Jews and the together with first time the European Parliament supports the Palestinians' right to a country?

Wasn't it France that developed the idea of an international committee to end the conflict and the Israeli occupation in Palestinian territories? France is also the one that threatened to recognize the Palestinian state should Israel not move towards peace with the Palestinians and ensure their rights as confirmed by UN resolutions. Wasn't it the European Union, whose main office is in Brussels, that decided to label products from Israeli settlements, hurting the Israeli economy?

Let us not forget that the compartmentalization that characterizes the activities of world terror organizations also makes it easier for security services to penetrate them and to make the members work for their purposes. ISIS does not have the ability to strike whenever and however it wants. Rather, others have infiltrated the heart of ISIS and are using it as their current tool to take revenge on Europe and cut out its heart."

This is not the first time that someone with the Palestinian Authority blamed Israel for the ISIS attacks in Europe. A spokesperson for the PA security forces recently claimed that Brussels was a false flag attack in response to Europe's support for Palestinians. Similarly, Fatah's official Facebook page quickly declared that the attacks in Paris last November were really the work of Israel.

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