The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has translated and released a video of radical Sheikh Raed Salah delivering an inciting speech late last month.

In the sermon, delivered on March 25 in Jatt, Salah, who heads the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel which was recently outlawed, called for “jihad” and promised the audience that “the Israeli occupation” will vanish just like the Roman and Persian empires and British and French colonialism.

“Jihad is worthless without a struggle. This land is a blessed land, a land of ribat, a land of Jihad, hence, it is a land of struggle between its people and any invaders coveting it. We are the land's people, and others who covet it are invaders,” said Salah. “They may be colonialists, occupiers, corrupters, oppressors, or villains, but we are [part of] this land. Others who covet it have declared war against this land and against us. May Allah fight them. This is a very important point, my brothers. If this land is a blessed land of ribat and Jihad, then it is a land of struggle. Note how many [nations] coveted this land, and Allah be praised, they have vanished.”

Salah continued, “The Roman empire flexed its muscles here at one point, but it has vanished. Then the Persian empire flexed its muscles, and it has vanished as well. Then along came the Crusaders, but they have vanished too. The Tatars came and vanished. British colonialism came and vanished. French colonialism came and vanished. The Israeli occupation will also vanish. “There is no doubt about it.”

“Our land is blessed, and therefore, it does not tolerate impure filth. Our land does not tolerate garbage, and just like the sea vomits its garbage, our land rejects all its garbage, and ultimately, vomits it,” he added.

The Islamic Movement and has been repeatedly involved in several incitement-laced activities, including violent "Nakba Day" protests, calls for an "intifada", and rioting on the Temple Mount. 

Salah himself has labeled Israeli leaders “terrorists” and “enemies of Allah” in a speech to Muslims in Be’er Sheva, and was also jailed for five months in 2010 for spitting at an Israeli police officer.