A new video has surfaced giving a close up view of how the 23-year-old Arab Israeli female stabber was taken down to the ground and captured by brave civilians in Rosh Ha'ayin on Sunday.

The stabber, who has yet to be officially classified as a terrorist by police, stabbed and lightly wounded Reut Weitzman, a 30-year-old mother of three from Kfar Saba. Civilians pinned her down against a wall after a frantic chase caught on security cameras, with a local security guard bringing her to the ground helped by at least one civilian.

The video shows the terrorist, dressed in a white shirt and wearing a Muslim hijab headscarf, running down a street as civilians alternate between confronting her and attempting to avoid her knife.

At one point a motorist attempts to pin her with his car, but fails to do so.

Eventually, two civilians emerge, armed with chairs or benches, and manage to subdue the attacker, who is then thrown to the ground and pinned with the help of a local security guard.