(Illustration) Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

Reut Weitzman, a 30-year-old mother of three from Kfar Saba, was named as the victim in the stabbing attack that took place on Sunday in the industrial region of Rosh Ha'ayin.

In the stabbing, which police have yet to officially define as a terrorist attack, a 23-year-old female Arab assailant from the adjacent Arab Israeli city of Kfar Qassem attacked Weitzman before heroic civilians pinned her down in a frantic chase caught on security cameras. The attacker had a knife in her hand, and a second knife in her bag.

Weitzman, who was lightly wounded in the attack and evacuated to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva, was quoted by Channel 2 later on Sunday recounting the harrowing event.

"I went out from an office building when I saw an Arab woman approaching me, and suddenly I felt a 'boom' in my arm," she said. "I realized that she had a thick box-cutter knife, I pushed her away with my bag and I threw it at her."

"She kept trying to stab me, I started to push her with my hands and legs and then I screamed and other people started to arrive."

Describing the panic-stricken moments of struggle, she continued, "I was sure she would succeed in stabbing me, because I was shouting and we were alone on the street. It took the others a bit of time to arrive and she didn't stop trying to stab me, and I was just thinking how long I would be able to push her away."

"The people who arrived at the start also weren't armed, they didn't have any way to stop her. They started to shout at her and throw things at her, but every time she backed up and tried to stab again. I'm still kind of in shock, trying to reenact and digest how we succeeding in doing it, because really it could have ended a lot worse."

"There were a lot of drawn guns, but no one fired"

Yisrael, the security guard who eventually overpowered the stabber until security forces arrived, spoke to Channel 2 about the events from his perspective as well. He emphasized that passersby did not hit the apparent terrorist after she was neutralized.

"We sat at work in the observation post, my partner and I, and then right in front of our eyes we saw a female terrorist stabbing a woman," said Yisrael, whose last name was not given in the report.

"We immediately left everything and ran towards the terrorist. When we approached her, she left the woman and started to run after me."

He recalled that "she had a large knife, people tried to throw rocks at her to neutralize her. They also tried to hit her with a car, but she was well-built and strong and succeeded in evading them."

"In the end they backed her against a fence, and me and another guy took her down to the floor. After that moment she didn't move."

Describing how the terrorist was left untouched, he said, "there were a lot of drawn handguns, but people didn't fire. We shouted, 'don't shoot!' There was no violence."

The attack is the first since a stabbing in Hevron two weeks ago on Wednesday, in which two Arab terrorists stabbed a soldier before being shot dead. One was shot by a soldier as he lay wounded on the ground, and the soldier currently is being tried for manslaughter over the incident.

The soldier argues that he shot over concerns the terrorist had a bomb belt hidden on him and was about to detonate. That those concerns were not ruled out has been backed by the MDA and an IDF investigation.