Moshe Katzav
Moshe Katzav Flash 90

Former Israeli President and Likud MK Moshe Katzav appears poised to win an early release from prison this week, after the state withdrew its objections on Sunday.

Katzav, who served more than four and a half years of his seven-year sentence for a rape conviction, appealed to have his term reduced by one third, citing good behavior during his prison term.

The state had previously opposed his early release, noting that the former president had shown no signs of remorse even after his conviction and still refused to accept responsibility for his actions.

The Justice Ministry also pointed out that Katzav had not undergone rehabilitation procedures, and as such was unfit for early release.

On Sunday morning, however, the state appeared to have withdrawn its objections, essentially clearing the way for Katzav’s parole. Should the former president win his appeal, he could be released from prison by the end of April.

In the midst of the proceedings, the Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority requested to delay the ruling on Katzav’s parole request in order to put together a rehabilitation plan for the former president.

Observers have noted that this development was a positive indicator for Katzav, suggesting his early release was likely, Channel 2 reported.

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