Shelly Yechimovich
Shelly Yechimovich Flash 90

MK Shelly Yechimovich (Zionist Union) on Saturday reacted for the first time to the police probe against the chairman of her party and leader of the opposition, MK Yitzhak Herzog.

On Wednesday, it was cleared for publication that Herzog is under investigation on suspicions of accepting illegal donations while running against Yechimovich for the leadership of the Labor party in 2013. 

“I trust, as always, the police, the prosecution and all the government institutions and hope our party does not pay too high of a price,” Yechimovich wrote in her weekly newsletter.

She responded to remarks by political commentators who hinted in recent days that her initial silence over the investigation ultimately benefits her, saying, “I know the jokes and interpretations as if it this was the third gift I received this week (after the High Court decision striking down the natural gas deal and the passing of a bill which limits the salaries of executives –ed.)...even if these tweets are entertaining, it's very, very far from reality. It was a difficult and onerous end to a great week."

“You probably noticed that I did not comment. You know that I am not usually hesitant with regards the rule of law, incorruptibility and fighting corruption...but this time it is an embarrassing situation for me,” Yechimovich continued, “precisely because at least one of the matters under investigation directly relates to me - the alleged illegal financing of the smear campaign against me in the 2013 primaries. So everything I say always, consistently, if it is said now, may be interpreted this time as personal or political, so I will spare words. As always, I just hope justice is done.”

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