Highway 1 bus crash
Highway 1 bus crash Flash 90

Police are concluding the preparations for their recommendations to try Chaim Biton, the Egged bus driver who was behind the horrific crash on Highway 1 in early February in which six passengers died and dozens of others were wounded.

Biton is to be charged with negligent manslaughter for the six victims and causing the wounds of the others, and in addition senior Egged officials are to be tried as well, according to the investigation results published by Channel 2 on Thursday night.

The report said the recommendation to try Biton and the senior officials came after it was found that in contrast to what was earlier thought, Biton did not stray from his lane and hit a truck because he was using his cell phone, but rather due to another as yet unspecified reason.

Biton changed his version of events several times under investigation, and therefore the police are not treating his testimony as reliable.

As for the senior Egged officials, the police are to recommend trying four or possibly five of them for negligence, after the investigation found that they knew about the complaints against Biton in the past and the crashes he caused in the past, and nevertheless did not take him off the road.

Next week the attorney's office is to hold a hearing summarizing the findings of the investigation, at which point it will be decided whether to follow the police recommendations either completely or partially.