In Belgium, a Muslim man disrupted a memorial for the victims of last week’s massacre in Brussels Sunday, but he was promptly knocked down by a local man, and led away by police. The incident was captured on a Facebook video embedded above.

Belgians had transformed the Place de La Bourse in Brussels into a memorial for the 35 people who were killed last Tuesday in a series of suicide bombings at the capital city’s main airport and a subway station. Terror organization ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks. 

Locals and foreigners filled part of the square with candles and flags from dozens of countries, and sang songs, as an improvised way of honoring the deceased and expressing their emotions. In some cases though, Muslim extremists have hijacked the memorial to attack the State of Israel.

However, in an incident that took place around noon Sunday, locals intervened. The crowd confronted a man who, after praying in Arabic, shouted “Palestine” and called Israel a “terrorist state.” The incident was caught on video.

The man stepped on other flags and candles in an effort to reach an Israeli flag that was located near the center of the memorial site. Dozens of Belgians began booing him, and several shouted in Flemish and French: “Shameful!” Others shouted “Everyone!” in French, urging all those present to join the booing.

When the man grabbed the Israeli flag, another man came up to him, pushed him to the ground and wrestled the flag from his hands. The Muslim man remained motionless on the ground. Two police officers quickly arrived and escorted the Muslim man away from the memorial.

A previous incident in which an Israeli flag was removed and ripped up by a Muslim woman can be seen below:

Police in Belgium are working to stop both Islamist extremists and what are described as "far-right hooligans" in the wake of last week's massacre.

A group calling itself Casuals Against Terrorism gathered near an improvised memorial site Sunday evening. Hundreds of members dressed in black with face coverings, made Nazi salutes and harassed Muslim women.

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