Prison (illustrative)
Prison (illustrative) Flash 90

The Israel Police Service is using elaborate psychological tricks on Jews suspect of terrorism, Haaretz has uncovered.

Yitzhar Kalmanovich, one of the suspects in the Duma arson and murder, was reportedly placed in an unfamiliar cell in Acre Prison. While there, he witnessed a Jewish prisoner pull out a knife and stab and Arab prisoner.

"I ran to the door and saw it through the bars. The Arab was laying on the ground, covered in blood. He didn't say a word, it was quiet. There really was a murder here, it was scary. I was in shock. Someone in our cell quickly threw out water to clean the blood off the knife and remove all signs," Kalmanovich wrote in his diary, which was later published on Facebook.

Despite the realism, no murder actually took place. The entire Acre Prison, from the guards to the dead Arab inmate, were acting out a script in order to increase the pressure on Kalmanovich.

Each of the Duma suspects went through the same experience, though with some modifications each time. Once the stabbing took place in the hallway and the prison held an "investigation" to find the knife. Another time, the attack was preceded by a drug deal.

One teenage suspect was even prevented from attending his court hearing in order to keep him in the mock prison.

Police say that the efforts have succeeded at times, and that some prisoners broke down and admitted to additional acts of violence against Palestinians. However, critics argue that the falsified experiences are an unreasonable attempt to prevent suspects from maintaining their right to remain silent.