With daily attacks on Israelis taking place across the country, Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah movement appear intent on promoting violence, using both social media and traditional media outlets to legitimize and encourage murder.

According to the Palestinian Media Watch organization, an NGO which monitor’s incitement in the PA, Fatah has launched a social media blitz in support of the recent spate of stabbing and shooting attacks against Jews all over Israel.

The Fatah social media campaign has been anything but subtle, PMW reports. In one the newer images, Fatah posted a picture of a knife, with an image of the Temple Mount superimposed.

Fatah Tweet
Fatah TweetPalestinian Media Watch / Twitter

The image, posted on Fatah’s official Twitter account, was accompanied by the message “Israel is forcing the young Palestinians to follow this path to Jerusalem. Leave our land, you, your occupation, and your soldiers, and let us live in peace.”

Despite his image in much of the Western media as a moderate, Abbas made similar statements following the murder of four Israelis late last year.

In October 2015 the PA President spoke on official PA state television, echoing comments he made to the Al-Hayat Al-Jadida newspaper in which he said "the Palestinian side did not attack and did not do anything against the Israelis... We have to protect our holy sites."

When an Arab terrorist murdered Taylor Force, an American citizen, and wounded 11 others in a stabbing attack in Jaffa, official PA television praised the attacker as “a martyr," and referred to the tourist Force and the other victims as “settlers."

Earlier this week, the Fatah movement and Palestinian Authority held a special ceremony celebrating Dalal Mughrabi, a Lebanese-born Fatah terrorist who took part in the notorious 1978 Coastal Road massacre.

Considered the worst act of terrorism in Israeli history, the attack left 39 Jews dead, including 12 children.

According to the Palestinian Media Watch, Fatah posted invitations to the celebration on its social media accounts, praising the mass-murderers involved as "martyrs".