Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke in a Likud faction meeting on Monday about the IDF soldier who shot a wounded terrorist last Thursday, and also condemned the Supreme Court decision Sunday canceling his natural gas outline.

"The decision of the Supreme Court on the gas deal is wrong. It seriously harms the economy, and doubly so: first it distances the extraction of gas from the depths of the sea, and secondly we are viewed more and more in the world as a state with excess judicialization and excess regulation. A country where it's very hard to conduct business," he said.

Netanyahu vowed that in response to the decision "we won't loosen our grip, I will continue: I intend to find legal paths to overcome the results of the mistaken decision and to bring in the billions (of dollars) of gas, together with the gas itself, from the depths of the sea to the economy of Israel, to the security, the welfare and the benefit of the lives of all citizens of Israel."

Later in the meeting Netanyahu spoke about the incident last Thursday, in which a soldier shot a wounded terrorist minutes after the latter together with an accomplice stabbed a soldier in Hevron. Netanyahu was quick to condemn the soldier within hours of the incident, which led to tension inside the coalition.

In his comments, the prime minister remarked on the statement issued by the soldier's father, who asked that his son not be made the victim of a media trial. The soldier is currently under arrest and charged with murder.

"Like you I heard the words of the father of the soldier," said Netanyahu. "I have to say that as a father of a soldier the words touched my heart."

"IDF soldiers, our children, stand before murderous terror attacks by terrorists who come to kill them. They have to make decisions in real time, in field conditions, in stress conditions, in uncertain conditions."

Netanyahu emphasized that "I rely 100% on the IDF, on the Chief of Staff, on the investigation. I trust that the investigation will consider all the conditions that I described, including operational conditions. I am certain that the investigation will be professional and fair towards the soldier."

The soldier has argued he shot the terrorist over concerns he was about to detonate a bomb belt that was thought to be hidden under his unseasonable coat.

Before concluding his remarks Netanyahu also spoke about his suspension law, allowing MKs to be kicked out of the Knesset on a vote of 90 MKs. The bill was drafted after three Arab MKs met with the families of terrorist murderers.

"The suspension law is being brought for a vote, this law is supposed to suspend from the Knesset those MKs who stand against the state of Israel and in favor of terror," he said.

"I expect all those who say they are in favor of the law to vote for it and not to give a benefit and an advantage here to those who encourage the terror and oppose the state of Israel."