Reform woman at Kotel (illustration)
Reform woman at Kotel (illustration) Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has condemned Shas MKs' statements against the Reform Movement on Wednesday

"Wholesale and ad hominem attacks on any part of the Jewish people are inappropriate and unacceptable," he said in English, adding that "Israel is the home of all Jews."

Yesterday, MK Yigal Guetta (Shas) claimed that a group calling itself "Progressive Judaism" is destroying every good part of the Jewish People.

He compared Reform Judaism's actions to what occurred in Shushan, during the time of the story of Purim. "Haman was convinced that he could destroy, kill and make the Jews disappear, for one reason alone - the reason was that the Jews were scattered and separated among the peoples because their religion was different from others'. Our strength is in our unity, and our separation is a tragedy. Even the evil Haman, the enemy of the Jews, understood this."

He continued, saying many years have passed since, "and these days the Jewish People are experiencing another attempt to divide us. Sadly, this time is comes from within. The effort is disguised as liberalism and democracy. 'Progressive Judaism.' The modern effort could spell spiritual and physical disaster for us.

"The Reform Movement in Israel, or as it calls itself, 'Progressive Judaism,' cuts away at every good part of the Jewish People and of the Land of Israel. In effect, it creates a separation between parts of the People, through a new religion or sect. I don't know what it is. They are mostly leading to assimilation.

"They are wiping out the Jewish People. Most of the second generation in America already don't know Judaism or, it seems, the State of Israel. The recognition that the Reform Movement receives from the State of Israel is primarily due to their political and financial support. Mostly financial. And yes, gentlemen, we are talking about crony capitalism."

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